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Throwback Thursdays!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed our “Throwback Thursday” last week, if you missed it check it out here. http://wp.me/p3Z3N3-aI There were a few great remodels!

Each week I will post great before and after photos of home remodels and connect you with the blogs that have shared this great information. Some will even give step by step directions for great home remodels.  Many of you are already looking at homes but you’ve allowed so many to slip through your fingers because when you walk in you see old carpet, old kitchens or baths.  You’ve also let a few go by because of ugly exterior or landscaping.

So I’m writing this blog each week to show you that these things can be changed!

So here’s the 1st great transformation for this week! ***Please note: If a link is not available, please click directly on the photo for details.

HomeBuyerProcess.com Throwback Thursdays
Gorgeous Kitchen remodel! Love it. http://bit.ly/1p6EB4d

Picture 5
What a difference a door makes! http://bit.ly/1x7lw6w

Hopefully the photos posted here have allowed you to see a huge difference a small remodel can make and a few of these changes can also increase your property value.

Download my form “Top Tips To Increase Your Homes Value”. http://bit.ly/1kMTIu5