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Getting Started – Buying Your New Home in 2014

Have you wanted to buy a home for years but, you continually put it off because you don’t know where to start, maybe you’re just not motivated, or maybe you’ve even got some advice from someone that made you change your mind.

Well I have 3 tips for you to get started now.

  • Review your credit. 

Make sure there are no items listed on you report that don’t belong.  If it is, dispute them right away

  • Contact a Lender

Contact a lender to see where you are, and ask questions about where you need to be in order to qualify.  Many people just ask advice from friends or family without speaking to a lender directly, but this advice may not be totally accurate for your credit situation.  A lender can give you exact advice.

  • Put a plan in writing

Set a date that you would like to strive for!  But remember this date is subject to change due to paperwork, scheduling with attorney’s etc.  So the date won’t be exact but, you can always try to stick to a time frame.

Write down you needs and wants in your new home. How many bedrooms do you need?  How many baths do you need? Do you want or need a full finished basement? Don’t forget the location!

Hopefully this list will help you get started, if you need a lender complete the form below to be connected to a great lender!  I’ve also written a 3 part “Home Buyer Education Mini Series”, don’t worry it’s not to long, most of us are to busy these days to sit long enough to read a book 🙂  But it’s just enough information to get started and I also go into further detail about the tips above and “Getting Started in the Home Buying Process”.

So click the link below to sign up for my mini guide series and don’t forget to complete the form if you need to be connected to a lender.