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The Successful Homeowner


As as homeowner everyone has their up’s and down’s. Now when I say everyone I’m excluding people like Oprah Winfrey,The Kardashians & Justin Bieber 🙂 Yes I included Justin Bieber, I know he’s not a favorite these days but he’s a homeowner.

The homeowners that I’m referring to are people like your neighbor, your mom and dad or grandparents that have owned their homes forever. If you are not a homeowner take a look around to see the people that own their home debt free or the people that are excited to have a mortgage now because its cheaper than paying rent.

I know, I know, I know. The thought in your head right now may be “WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE!!!! Are they really happy when so many homeowners owe more on their homes than they are worth? We see this on the news everyday and even in our daily lives with friends and family.

But take these things into consideration;

  • When did they buy a home? Was it during The Housing Bubble when things were drastically overpriced.
  • Did they buy a home that was affordable based on their income at that time, but now no longer working that job?

Right now I think most of us have a better idea of “What to do and What not to do” because we don’t want to end up in the same situations!

I wrote this post because I’m not only a Realtor I am a successful homeowner! I own a home paying less for my mortgage than most people pay in rent! And guess what, I can paint my walls whatever color I like. If I want to paint hot pink with green stripes I can do just that without my landlords consent. (No I really would not choose those colors, but you get my point right! )

I’ve had my ups and downs as a homeowner, but every one has. It comes with homeownership. After you buy you think about things that you wish you would have done better. Some wish they would have bought a home in a lower price range, some wish they would have chosen a better location, and some wish the would have been educated a little more about homeownership before they bought their homes.

This is why I’ve started this blog. I want to Educate & Inspire new homebuyers and current homeowners.

Here are the stories of 2 successful homeowners! Christy & Surita. Read their story and share yours. Then share with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.


“There is nothing that I would really change about the purchase of my home per se… but because it was new construction, I would have checked directly with the county to get a better idea of what the taxes on my home would have been. My home builder WAYYYYY underestimated what we were suppose to pay.

With new construction, taxes are billed a year behind. Many builders give you a low ball estimate (saying the taxes are based on the price you paid for the home, which is FALSE) and they say you don’t pay taxes the first year. Yes, you don’t pay taxes the first year, BUT you will receive a separate tax bill in the mail at tax time for the time you spent in the house. The first year, your taxes just are not escrowed. But you have to pay that tax bill AND your escrow goes up based on that for taxes
the following year…

I also wish could have saved the 20% to avoid mortgage insurance. I have an
FHA loan. My advice to buyers is to BUY NOW!! You will never see rates this low and homes so low in value again (in my opinion). I got a 3100 sq ft home (brand new) for $240k at a 3.75% interest. That was nearly impossible to get anytime before 2009!!! “



“I love my home but if I could do it all over again I would change the location. I live off Ogden which is a distance from all major expressways. It is not fun driving 10-15 minutes (depending on traffic) to get to any expressway. So first time home buyers should take the distance to expressways into consideration when buying a home.
I would have definitely saved more. There were a lot of unexpected expenses incurred during inspection. Since I purchased my home in the winter, in order to have my inspection done I had to get the home un-winterized and the winterized again after inspection. That was a few extra dollars I was not expecting to spend.

I think having a good Realtor is important. A knowledgeable Realtor that is able to address your concerns and address any questions you may have.

Advice I would give to any new home buyer especially a first time home buyer is to have patience. Patience from beginning to end. ….This is REALLY important towards the end. Closing can be one of the most stressful times during the whole buying process. Don’t get set on the closing date given. Closing dates are always subject to change !! This can become very frustrating but is soooooo worth all the stress in the end 🙂 !”