Buyer Services



I offer free consultations to help you get started in the home buyer process.  From building your credit & getting pre-approved through closing and moving into your new home.  I am an agent that goes beyond showing homes to you and writing a contract.

  • Learn questions you should ask yourself before starting the process
  • How to set up a trial run to see if you are ready to buy a home
  • How to review your credit to prepare for the loan approval process
  • What lenders expect during the loan approval process
  • What to expect when writing an offer
  • What happens at closing
  • And much more depending on your specific situation

I also offer budgeting tips and tips to avoid foreclosure.  This is something that you may not expect going into the purchase of your new home.  But I prepare you to expect the unexpected .  What to do in situations such as job loss or reduction.

Complete the contact form below for your free consultation.



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