Get Pre-Approved

One of the most important things to take care of before purchasing a home is getting Pre-approved.  Now unless your paying cash, this is mandatory.  Most sellers & their agents won’t consider an offer until a pre-approval is included.

Put yourself in the sellers shoes.  If you were selling your home & you are considering 2 offers that are very close.  One offer has a pre-approval letter and the other doesn’t.  Which one would you accept?  More than likely you will accept the one that has the pre-approval letter.  This letter shows that the buyer is ready to buy and that they have taken the time to make sure they qualify for the loan.

It is not a great idea to go looking at properties if you don’t know how much you qualify for.  Just think if you fall in love with a home that costs $250,000 to later find out that you only qualify for $200,000.  Now unless you have $50,000 in cash that you are willing to put down this would be devastating.  Especially if you have already pictured yourself living in the home and enjoying it with your family.

So contact us now to find out if you qualify.  if you are not ready right at this moment then we will give you the educational tools to get qualified.


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