Throwback Thursday’s – Before & After Remodels

Hi Everyone,

It’s “Throwback Thursday” again.  Today I thought I would talk about a very important area in your new home!  Your laundry room!

How many of you have viewed homes and walked into a laundry room that looks like this?

Old Laundry Room

Well maybe not that bad, but you get my point right :).  There are so many homes that are for sale with neglected laundry rooms.  This is a part of the home that many people don’t want to be in for a very long time.  So why not make it a comfortable gorgeous space?

Like this…..

Laundry Room

Or this……

Laundry Room 2

Or this…..

Laundry Room 3


Love the organization of all three, makes some of us want to spend a few extra minutes in the laundry room, right 🙂

So I’ve found a few great before and after remodels on Pintrest.

Here’s a great one!  Just a a few cabinets, a little paint, and decorate to your taste.

Laundry Room 4

You can find all of the details on this great website, click the photo and it will take you directly there.  They’ve even listed the prices of everything needed for this great makeover.  Here are a few.

-Paint for Walls (Gray at Lowes) – $33
-Paint Supplies (Walmart) – $6
Here’s another great remodel.  From boring to beautiful!
Laundry Room 5
Here’s the link with all the details  Both makeovers are DIY and very inexpensive.  Hope you enjoyed this  Throwback Thursday!
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