What’s Your Gift To Dad On Fathers Day?

My dad’s favorite gift that I’ve given him on Fathers day was a set of grilling tools, cookware, and a few grilling cookbooks  As you can see my dad loves to grill.  And we love for him to grill, of course because of the great food.  🙂  My dad is normally the hardest person to shop for because he doesn’t do much, he loves to grill and he loves to watch TV. Grill Plus SignFlat Screen TV So this year as I search for gift idea’s online, I decided to write a post because now I’ve found so many great idea’s and I thought I would share them with everyone because your dad may be hard to shop for also, but hopefully not as difficult as my father is.  🙂 I find a lot of ideas on Pintrest and also Amazon.  Some of you may want to do something small and other’s may want to go as big as making dad a new man cave.  So here are some of the ideas that I love.  You can just adjust them to your dad’s specific taste. Here are several great ideas found on Pintrest. Fathers day candy card Great kids project for dad.  http://bit.ly/1o2iFJj Fathers day card Great gift idea for new fathers!  http://etsy.me/1onmZD2 Fathers day photo I love this idea!  http://bit.ly/1h6A69U Shoe Clock Nice for the dad’s that love shoes!  http://bit.ly/1kiHWMY Great Man Cave And how many dad’s want a man cave? http://bit.ly/1psI64l Fathers Day Pillow Nice gift for dad to relax or use on his man cave couch 🙂 This website even shows you how t make it.  http://bit.ly/1onoLUN Fathers Day Man Cave Another Great man cave makeover! http://bit.ly/1psIEau Fathers Day Gift Cute and easy for kids to make for Grandpa!  Just print this sheet from the website! http://bit.ly/1h6BKbn Fathers Day Domino Clock Great for the Domino loving dads! This website has DIY Videos.  http://bit.ly/S9FPj6 Fathers day flat screens For the dad’s that have too many flat screen TV’s!  Fathers Day Garage Make Over Great Garage Remodel.  http://bit.ly/1hnTSIf Hope these ideas are helpful.  Have a wonderful fathers day & don’t forget to come back and comment if you decided to use one of these ideas.  I would love to know the reaction from your dad or father 🙂 Also check out our Fathers Day contest on Facebook, you could win $100 Visa Gift Card!  Click here to enter http://on.fb.me/1m6sIHu

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1. Upload a picture of your dad with a caption – “Cool Dad”, “Loving Dad”, “Silly Dad” etc.

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3. The entry with the most votes wins!

Good luck!

Enter to Win! http://on.fb.me/1m6sIHu Best Wishes. Knifie


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