Throwback Thursdays

As a Realtor, I’ve walked into so many homes that offer great space & great location. But they lack the upgrades that so many buyers are looking for. The homes may have an old kitchen or an old bath, so old that a new home buyer will stop in their tracks, smile, and say this is not the home for me!

So I’m writing this post because I’ve seen so many buyers walk away from homes with great potential. I’ve seen homes purchased that haven’t been remodeled in years, that were remodeled to look more beautiful than a brand new home!

So for this reason each week I’m going to have “Throwback Thursdays” on my website. I’m going to show you great before and after photos of home remodels and connect you with the blogs that have shared this great information. Some will even give step by step directions for great home remodels.

So here’s your 1st “Throwback Thursday” remodel. From a great blog called Newsvine!

Kitchen before and after

Another gorgeous remodel found on Pintrest. I’m sure this home stands out and does not look like any other homes on the block!

Exterior Remodel

And last but not least for today, a great bathroom Remodel, the homeowner has renovated a 1949 bathroom. Total difference!

bathroom before after

Hope you enjoyed “Throwback Thursday” check back next week for more before and after ideas.