3 Tips to Organize the Home Buying Process


Are you searching for a home? Do you have a folder full of unorganized documents with notes written everywhere. Have you said a few times lately, “Oh I don’t have to write it down, I will remember it”. But later you think, “What was that 1 thing that I was supposed to remember”.

I understand as a Broker, a Mom, and a Homeowner, I have to stay organized! So I want to give you a few tips to keep organized during your search.

Here’s your first tip

1. Create a Folder or a Binder, that you can carry all documents in. A binder would be better because it gives you the chance to separate things a little more. I would keep listings separated in 3 different sections.

  • The 1st section would be “listings that you are going to see”.
  • Section # 2 would be the “Maybe” section, listings that you are somewhat interested in but haven’t made the final decision.
  • Section # 3 . Not Interested” section, these are the listed that you have decided that you are totally not interested in.

2. Keep your pre-approval letter handy in your very organized folder!  If you see a home that you love, you may want to right an offer right away and you don’t want to take the time to fax or e-mail the document or call your lender for a copy.  I normally recommend that my buyers send a copy to me in the beginning of our search so I can keep this document saved in a folder that I’ve prepared for the buyer, but just in case your agent does not request this, it is best to keep a document handy.  Remember you don’t want to miss out on the home you love because you are waiting on a copy of your pre-approval.

3.  Keep a buyer checklist handy!  Especially if you have several homes that you are interested in, this will help you see all of the differences in writing and allow you to make the decision a lot easier.

I hope this helps with your search & if you need a checklist click the link below for your free copy! Happy House Hunting!